First new single of 2021 out on January the 29th.

Brave new normal

Written in april 2020, Brave new normal talks about Covid and our lives being in a sort of anew normal. But we all long for old times to return! Now in 2021 the lyrics are still up to date.


A nice new review on "Tomorrowland" in Lust for life magazine No. 106    

30 years ago I played in the band Pretty Green. Now the same journalist that interviewed me then wrote a review on "Tomorrowland! (see reviews)


Videoclip from the song "Deinum dreams" is now available on Youtube. Go check it out!

Videoclip from the song "Deinum dreams"  is now available on youtube.

Go check it!


Video clip of the title song of the new album, Tomorrowland, now available on youtube

To support the new album there is a videoclip available of the title song, Tomorrowland

22 April 2020

New single, "Great expectations" was released on March 30

This new single was not on the last album. So you can enjoy listening to a brand new Newland song on this site and Spotify, Apple music and Deezer

12 February 2020

Blog.. blog.. blog.... Be sure to read our irregular blog and keep updated

Talking about some historic background. tarting as a one man band, evolving into a exciting live band. Read all about it in our blogs

1 December 2019

First try out gig was a big succes!

We played our first ever gig in this formation on 1 December 2019 in Emmeloord. We were very satisfied with how it sounded and the crowd reacted positively


New single out now! "Borderline Barbie" shows Newland heavier than before

Proud to present yet another single. "Borderline Barbie is heavier and slightly different. Check it on all digital platforms.


Playing live and acoustic for radio and tv on Omrop Fryslan with the new song, "Brave new normal"

In my own living room playing live and acoustic a new song called "Brave new normal"


5th album, Tomorrowland released. Same passion, different sound!

Tomorrowland is the 5th studio album of Newland. A slightly different sound but still full of passion meaningful lyrics . Check it on streamingsites


Newland becomes Nieuwland releasing a single in  dutch language

The 1st of September sees the release of the single "ALLES". It's in the dutch language and for occasion NEWLAND becomes NIEUWLAND

12 February 2020

First full concert was a huge succes

It was a rainy and stormy night but lots of people still got to see our first full concert in Leeuwarden. The spirit was great! Hopefully in autumn there will be lots more!

12 February 2020

New album, "The Emperor of ice cream", out on March 1

As the band is busy rehearsing for the upcoming gigs and festivals, One man band worked in the studio on the 4th album.

1 December 2019

Check tour dates for our upcoming shows

In 2020 we will be playing live a lot. Find out where in the menu under tour. Want us to play in your venue or festival. Under Boekingen you will find all info you need. 


Busy working on new songs. Of course Covid en being locked down is a big inspiration

Already busy working on new songs again. There's tons already but I'm taking my time. Working title: "Brave new normal"


There is also a videoclip available for the song, "Truly, madly, better on youtube.

Videoclip for the new song, "Truly, madly, better" from the album "Tomorrowland"


Lyrics clip available of "Ball and chain". The album opener of Tomorrowland

To support the new album there is a lyrics videoclip available of the album opener, Ball and chain.

2 June 2020

Friday 29th of May release of the single "Drowning butterflies", 

Friday the 29th of May saw the release of the single, "Drowning butterflies".  A non album song with a biting lyric and a ripping riff.

12 February 2020

Clip with lyrics of the song, "Elvis" now available in Media

The song about dreaming and while doing it meeting famous people that you admire. Who doesn't do that every once in a while?

21 January 2020

New single, "Just like Bowie", out on January 24

All our followers, friends, music lovers. Thank you for your support / interest / inspiration. Hopefully 2020 will be a fantastic and musical year! Hope to see you again.

1 December 2019

Check tour dates for our upcoming shows

In 2020 we will be playing live a lot. Find out where in the menu under tour. Want us to play in your venue or festival. Under Boekingen you will find all info you need. 

1 November 2019

We are busy rehearsing for gigs

In 2020 we will go on the road and do many live gigs. At the moment we are very busy preparing for that in the rehearsing room. Come check the result any time soon!

9 September 2019

Meet the band, Part 5: Alex Nieuwland a.k.a Newland

After releasing three albums, practically doing all the singing and playing, Newland has formed a band to be able to play his repertoire live on stage.

9 September 2019

Meet the band, Part 4: Peter van der Wal

Peter is a long tome musical companion and had played with Newland in mant bands and many concerts. Besides the guitar Peter also plays the synth.

9 september 2019

Meet the band, Part 3: Dennis Wever

Lead guitarist Dennis Wever plays and has played in many bands and projects. There isn't a music style that he doesn't control!

9 september 2019

Meet the band, Part 2: Bert Hoekstra

Our bass player Bert Hoekstra is very experienced. When he was without a band for a moment, Newland was able to capture him quickly

9 september 2019

Meet the band, Part 1: Ido Korstanje

Self made man Ido Korstanje is responsible for the rhythms and beats of the band.  Is there anything he can't play?

5 september 2019

New single out september 20

Fairytale, the new single, is released on all digital platforms on september the 20th

4 september 2019

One man band no more

Newland will be playing live soon. Stay tuned for more info on who, how and where

1 august 2019

Vaudeville and burlesque

The third NEWLAND album is available on USB. Find it in the shop and order!

24 june 2019

Heaven can wait

Listen to Heaven can wait on Spotify and all other digital platforms. Don't forget a follow!


Never meant to be

This single is not to be found on any album. Check it on Spotify and other digital media


Newland covers

I enjoy doing covers too. Check this site every now and then which pearl of the past got covered.

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