We are busy rehearsing for gigs

25 October 2019

At the moment the band is busy rehearsing songs from the albums to perform live on stage. First gigs at the start of the new year! 

Meet the band, Part 5: Alex Nieuwland a.k.a Newland

10 september 2019

Released three albums and some singles. as a one mand band. Now happy to focus on being the singer and songwriter of the band

Meet the band, Part 4: Peter van der Wal

9 september 2019

Peter and Alex have played together for many years. He also played on some of the tracks of the first two albums.

Meet the band, Part 3: Dennis Wever

9 september 2019

Lead guitarist Dennis Wever plays and has played in many bands and projects. There isn't a music style that he doesn't control!

Meet the band, Part 2: Bert Hoekstra

9 september 2019

Our bass player Bert Hoekstra is very experienced. When he was without a band for a moment, Newland was able to capture him quickly

Meet the band, Part 1: Ido Korstanje

9 september 2019

Self made man Ido Korstanje is responsible for the rhythms and beats of the band.  Is there anything he can't play?

New single out september 20

5 september 2019

Fairytale, the new single, is released on all digital platforms on september the 20th

One man band no more

4 september 2019

Newland will be playing live soon. Stay tuned for more info on who, how and where

Vaudeville and burlesque

1 august 2019

The third NEWLAND album is available on USB. Find it in the shop and order!

Heaven can wait

24 june 2019

Listen to Heaven can wait on Spotify and all other digital platforms. Don't forget a follow!

Never meant to be


This single is not to be found on any album. Check it on Spotify and other digital media

Newland covers


I enjoy doing covers too. Check this site every now and then which pearl of the past got covered.

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